Bistro Tables: Style Icons, Not Just Furniture

Bistro tables and chairs are without a doubt the most popular restaurant dining furniture in the world today. The global accessibility to information provided by the Internet means that people anywhere can tune in and turn onto cultural and design innovations and trends from all over the world.

Like Toadstools
Although bistro tables and dining furniture have been around for well over a hundred years, they are like all evergreen design classics. They find new audiences all over the urbane and not so urbane world. In fact, bistro tables are wherever restaurant dining is to be found – from Paris, France to London, England; from Bangkok, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and from Sydney Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. Bistro tables have been popping up for years on sidewalks and street corners everywhere. They pop up so frequently and commonly, in fact, they are like mushrooms in the rain.

The original bistro tables could be folded up and stacked beside each other along a wall. The popularity of the bistro table isn’t only due to its efficient use of space and its portability. The bistro table is highly in demand also because of its versatility and economic good looks. In fact, probably the only countries in the world where you won’t see the coffee hounds strategically sitting by their bistro tables placed on the sidewalks are Japan, Korea, and China. It’s just too damned crowded there, too damned busy, and unless you want a face-full of carbon monoxide with your latte, then it’s not a very good idea.

A Titan of a Table
A bistro table is versatile. Okay, so you’re thinking…versatility? How versatile can a bistro table possibly be? I mean, you use it for putting your food and drink, and then what? Do you use it for a miniature helicopter landing pad? Does it double as a radar dish? Of course not! Bistro tables are versatile in such a way that not only can you use it as a surface to display your steaming cup of java while you try to look intellectual, you can also use it for a score of different – albeit unconventional – purposes. Bistro tables have been habitually used as substitutes for magazine racks and have played hosts to many a poker game. Bistro tables have endured bottles being slammed on its surface in bachelor parties, stilettos scraping its glossy veneer as a woman dances atop it in the same bachelor parties, and the occasional spray of the contents of somebody’s stomach. Bistro tables have played Prometheus countless of times with the world literally on its shoulders – or in this case, table top.

The Princess Diana of Furniture
Bistro tables enjoy longer lives than the average furniture, thanks in part to the fact that owners of bistro tables appreciate what they have. Indeed, they know that they have a gem in their hands, or wherever it is that they keep their bistro table. Bistro tables have been known to undergo drastic changes in their looks, from drab to fab, tacky to classy, and dazzling to nondescript, while still maintaining a quiet elegance and sophistication that only a confident piece of furniture can pull off.

Wouldn’t you love to have one sitting in your kitchen as well?

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