5 simple steps to decorate your home

5 simple steps to decorate your home

Who doesn’t want a well-decorated aromatic house? It can refresh your spirits after a long hectic day of work. We all take this aspect very seriously since the aesthetics are not only important to your guests but also very essential for your mental well-being.

You can start with changing few old cushions, whipping the rugs and ironing the curtains. Rearrange the furniture in your living room and get some scents out there. It totally depends on your personal preferences how you would like to decorate your home. But there are five general steps that every homeowner can follow.


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This sounds very exhausting but it is worth it. Wear your gloves and get the bin ready. Jump into the depths of all the clutter your room contains and dispose them all. Get rid of all the rubbish to give the space a clean and tidy look. This is the beginning of decorating your house.

Consider recycling items that are not rubbish. Just don’t throw all the things you come across. You can even re-sell items and make a few pennies out of it.

The bed room

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Try your maximum to make your bedroom an inviting place to visit. It will just make you easier to relax after a tough day. Buy few cushions and clean the old curtains if you cannot afford to buy one. You can dedicate a corner of your room to your relationship. Place photo-frames and decorate it with your memories. You can place candles as well. Use aromatic scents for an uplifting effect.


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Decoration cannot be complete without flowers. Buy a few bunches and place it in your living room, kitchen and hallway.

Studies have proved that flowers can reduce depression, increase social contact and enriches memories. You can use the flowers you want to enkindle love, beauty and magnificence. Baby’s breath can be added to the vase to reflect innocence.


Kitchen is unquestionably the most important part of your house. It is an ideal place to sit and have a chat cozily with your friend or neighbor. Make your kitchen the best place where you can chit and chat along with sips of coffee.

You can add life to your kitchen with aroma. Put the coffee on using fresh ground beans in the morning. The smell of fresh coffee can refresh everybody in the house. Cinnamon sticks can be used as well to make kitchen smell more revitalizing. There are many creative ways to do so.


Investment of time, effort and money on your bathroom will never go in vain. The bathroom must be the ultimate place for relaxation after a long tough day.

Place candles around your tub. Invest in fluffy towels that complements the contemporary theme.


By following the above steps, you can create an environment that every homeowner desires. Make your home a beautiful and relaxing place. Invite your friends and family and enjoy your own space absolutely.

How to decorate your home interior?

How to decorate your home interior?

A new home is like a blank sheet. You can do it anything with it. You have the maximum opportunity to transform each and every room according to your personal preferences.

But decorating your home interior is not only restricted to new homes. Even if you are tired of your old space, you can bring in changes. In fact you must decorate your home interior every two to three years to give your dwelling a new look and feel. It adds coziness and charm. Here is how you can decorate your home interior.

Paint the walls

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This may not be an option for people living on rent. But if you can paint the walls, it can be the most effective way to freshen up the look. Choose colors that are consistent with your existing theme and matches your personality. Do not go for dull colors. Carry out experiments with colors. Choose options that matches your décor. Spread several colors throughout your home to add more vibrancy. This is probably the most important interior decoration aspect.

New furniture

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Furniture is an important facet of decoration. If you are using the same piece for many years then bring in some new wood. Choose style that compliments your personality. The storage furniture must be decorative as well. Rather than storing things under your bed or in the back of closet, use decorative storage. Using this storage not only enhances your functionality but also adds more décor.

Decorative details

Add subtle decorative details to enhance the visual appeal of your house. Hang up some good quality artwork. Fill the walls with paintings and posters. Get picture frames that match your artwork and furniture. Make your house more appealing by adding photos from different experiences throughout your life. Add floating shelves that are directly attached to your wall. Place showpieces on them that compliments the existing theme. These minute details can be very good decorations. Use it creatively and enhance the space.


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Lighting is another important aspect to decorate your home interior. Mix up the lighting with new decorative options in the market. Brighten up your space. Look for items that can work as primary light source and even matches the general style of room. Small lamps can add more flare to your room. You can even purchase old lamps and shades and cover them in fabric to give it a different and new look. Have the appropriate amount of light, not too much and not too less.

New curtains and rugs

Curtains are be perfect style tools in decorating a home. With combination of carpentry and textile, you can enhance the visual appeal of your room. Look for bright and colorful patterns.

Rugs can be used to get rid of unattractiveness or dirty flooring in your room. Look for rugs to fill these empty spaces in your house. Find good colors and patterns that match your décor. Arrange these rugs properly to enhance the existing décor.