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Kinds of Patio Furniture Cushions

Patios are built for relaxation and what other way to make this space more restful than making sure your furniture is as comfortable as it should be. Whether your furniture is made of wood, plastic, wicker, aluminum or any other material, you will love spending more time using them with comfortable patio furniture cushions.

Of course, the cushions you will need depend on the furniture that you have. There are numerous patio furniture cushions for all sorts of furniture such as boxed buttoned cushions perfect for ottomans; boxed and hinged patio furniture cushions or those with French seams and button tufts for standard aluminum or wrought iron dining chairs, deep seat and chaise lounges, club chairs, and high back chairs.

Patio furniture cushions should not only be attractive but should also offer durability to weather. Manufacturers use outdoor fabrics for patio cushions such as Sunbrella acrylic linen, spun polyester, PVC, Woven, Marquesa Blend, and Olefin. These fabrics are also resistant to fluids and stains. . If you are ordering online and want to find out the actual feel and look of a fabric, you can request for cushion fabric samples from the store.

Patio furniture cushions with outdoor fabrics allow you to leave your cushions outside and not have to worry about the rain soaking and ruining them or the sun bleaching out their color. Fabrics for patio furniture cushions can come in solid colors, vertical or horizontal stripes and various patterns, usually with floral or nature theme

It is very easy to find patio furniture cushions in online and physical home retail stores. Some stores sell cushions exclusively. If, for some reason, you cannot find what you are looking for or if you just have the perfect patio furniture cushions in mind but they are not available in any store, you can opt to order custom-made patio cushions. This also saves you time from browsing for cushions that will fit your exact requirements.

Whether you are ordering custom or ready-made patio furniture cushions, you need to take into account a very important aspect ? size. Your cushions should fit your furniture. If you are replacing old cushions, do not throw them out yet. Get their exact measurement ? length, width, and thickness – always measuring from edge to edge and use these to order your new cushions. If you are purchasing your first cushion for a new piece of furniture, then measure the length and width of the furniture and estimate how thick the cushions should be. Take measurements carefully. Remember, if cushions are the wrong size they will not feel comfortable nor look attractive at all.

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