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Tibet Furniture

In the country that wallowed in poverty for decades, only the financially endowed can afford furniture in Tibet. This is the reason there are only a few Tibet furniture pieces ever made. Most of these can be found in monasteries, but were also destroyed by the Chinese during the Cultural Revolution.

The most common piece of Tibetan furniture available nowadays is the rectangular cabinets. These pieces were used to store anything, from food to religious artifacts. This is probably the most functional form an individual can buy. There are also really good, sturdy tables that were used in the monasteries decades ago. Some of these pieces have very intricate carvings that showcase the genuine talent of Tibetan wood carvers.

Most Tibet furniture pieces are made out of pine and Himalayan soft woods and are extravagantly painted surfaces. In view of the dwindling supply of Tibet furniture nowadays, ?recreated furniture? is fast becoming a huge sensation in the market. There are more and more old pieces that are treated with paint jobs from the experts. Despite the antique value of the ancient Tibet furniture pieces, the reworked pieces doesn?t cost as much as in would have it if were left in its original state.

Unknown to many people, there are a lot of rare and exquisite Tibet furniture pieces that you can?t find anywhere in the world. You just have to put up with the tricky challenge of distinguishing an authentic Tibet furniture piece. But that?s part of the thrill, right? Better stir clear from pieces with decorated tops though; they are sure to have been remodeled at least once. Be suspicious of pieces that have an almost perfect paint finish, it has more chances of being a fake. Most of these replicas came from China. Not satisfied with the massive destruction of Tibetan artifacts during the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese factories are now concentrating their efforts on destroying the nation?s culture. The mediocre Chinese version of Tibet furniture imperils the integrity of genuine and original furniture.

This just proves that the Chinese would never hesitate to mock and undermine the Tibetan people and its culture. One can?t help but wonder how long will the Chinese keep destroying the very identity of Tibet as a nation. For years, it seemed that they have launched an aggressive campaign towards this end, and sadly there is much wrecking damage.

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