Pop Up TV Furniture – Not Your Parent?s TV Stand!

If you do not know about or have not had the chance to experience first hand plasma lift cabinets, you are in for a real treat!

It never ceases to amaze me how far technology has come. Remember when you were a kid sitting in front of the boob tube (they actually had tubes back then)? The TV was on a small metal stand. The TV was small and the stand was basically ugly.

Today we have state of the art ?Plasma televisions,? so long, thin and sleek with a picture that is breathtaking! Most of the TVs today are set up to watch two or more programs at the same time. Our parents? TVs only had two channels and very few programs. And now we have unbelievable motorized furniture designed to hide and protect your TV when not in use.

It is very fashionable to set up an entire room just for the enjoyment of ?home theatre,? with sound systems as good as if you were at the movies. And to set those rooms off, we have the most elegantly designed, technically perfect TV lifts that will dazzle your senses and turn any room from ordinary into your very own palace.

An LCD lift not only lends architectural beauty to your room but is functional. It is designed to protect your screen for many years to come. A TV lift is very accommodating allowing you to swivel your TV 360 degrees with only the push of a button. No longer do you have to bring the party to the TV, now you bring the TV to the party. This is also very functional if you have seniors who have a hard time getting around.

In the bedroom play King or Queen for the day, lying in your throne with your remote in your hand, as your beautiful plasma TV rises up from your superbly constructed pop up TV furniture that offers prestige and sophistication to your room.

Leave your walls for your expensive paintings and cover your TVs in luxurious plasma lift cabinets that are visually exciting and will lend a dynamic aspect to any room.

When choosing your LCD lift, make sure the unit has a rack-and-pinion mechanism. If done correctly, this mechanism will last you longer than your TV and will work safely and quietly with remote control. Don?t settle for second best when choosing a company to purchase your motorized furniture from. Make sure the company has longevity and many satisfied customers. Remember you are purchasing a fine piece of furniture that will be cherished for generations to come. Make sure the company you choose uses the finest Old World craftsmanship. Attention to the finish is a must for durability and richness.

You must also take into consideration the components you include in your TV system. In most Pop up TV furniture there will be a component section that hides the components from view. And don?t forget to include infra red repeater technology which allows you to control the DVD and cable box while the component door is closed!

A good LCD lift should be easy for you set up. Plug and play as we like to say!

Visit the company that?s been there from the beginning and experience first hand plasma lift cabinets with Cabinet-Tronix. Cabinet-Tronix remains the highest end national manufacturer for this type of furniture. Call 1-866-876-6199to take a tour of their prestigious office in San Diego, CA or visit their website www.cabinet-tronix.com

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