Safety & Recall Information On Kids Furniture

When any type of kids furniture is recalled, the process is either ordered by a government agency or the manufacturer of the furniture. Regardless of who actually issues the kids furniture recall, the process is the same. During a recall of any type, a public report must be filed detailing a variety of factors. Among them, a description of the safety-related defect, the number of units that were distributed, the events that lead to the determination of the recall, a description of the offered remedy and a recall schedule.

During a recall on kids furniture, the manufacturer will attempt to contact all customers who purchased the units. Where kids furniture is concerned, the manufacturer may research their warranty records and other information that may effectively lead them to the individuals directly or the store locations from which the units were sold. Even if a notification isn?t received in the mail, the manufacturer is still required to provide a free remedy for the problem, as long as the furniture is that which is involved in the safety recall.

A recall notice on the related kids furniture models will be issued in the form of a mailed letter, which will contain a description of the defect, the risk that the problem poses, a detail of any warnings related to the defect, a description of the remedy offered, etc.

A kids furniture recall will provide the owner?s with one of three remedies, including repair of the problem, a replacement of the unit or a refund. Recipients of a letter confirming a kids furniture recall should have their units removed from the home as quickly as possible by following the instructions listed in the recall letter. This is the best way to save your child from any potential danger that the kids furniture may pose.

In addition to the previously mentioned details, the kids furniture recall notification will contain the necessary information for the individual to contact in reference to any problems that develop relating to the recall. Individuals who did not receive a notification regarding a recall on kids furniture, but believes they own a unit that is involved in a recent recall, should contact the manufacturer directly using the telephone number listed in the owner?s manual that accompanied the purchase.

Upon purchasing any new piece of kids furniture, individuals should retain all paperwork relating to the purchase, including receipts, proof of purchase, owner?s manual and warranty information. If any of this becomes needed in the future, you will be glad to have it on hand for quick retrieval.

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