title:Apartment Moving Tips

author:Suryo Sukendro
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:13

Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, especially when not only the possessions are moved, but family and pets are involved. Just like when we were in school, the best remedy for stressful events in life is preparation. www.findmeapad.com has provided the folowing apartment moving and planning guide below containing useful tips to prepare for your move.
The obvious attraction of moving yourself is the possible cost saving. If you can gather a few friends to help, it would make a big difference moving all the furniture and belongings you have collected over the years. The obvious disadvantage is the physical strain you are putting on yourself, not to mention the possibility of injury or damage to the items you are moving.
Be sure to contact a few moving companies and compare their quotes.
Here are a few questions they may ask when quoting a price :
* How many bedrooms in your apartment ?
* What is the address of the apartment you are moving from and the apartment you are moving to ?
* How many pieces of furniture do you want them to move ? (in case you are moving a few items yourself)
* How many boxes do you want them to move ?
* What floor is your old apartment on ?
* What floor is your new apartment on ?
* What day do you want to move on ? (Some movers charge extra for Weekend/ Holidays)
You may want to avoid moving on holidays since some movers do not move on holidays. If you are moving to a house, utility/telecommunication companies also generally do not operate on holidays, possibly leaving you stranded for a day or two without basic services.
Here are some questions you would want to know about the movers:
* What rates and charges will apply to your particular move ?
* Are they insured ? what kind of incidents are covered ?
* Do they have worker’s compensation insurance? You may want to see their proof of insurance.
* Be careful of movers without a physical address, or if you don’t know whether their address is correct.
* It is better if you get recommendations for the mover
Many movers offers discounts or deals through Auto Clubs, Unions, and other organizations. Check with your mover to make sure you take advantage of all possible savings.
Another important thing to do before your move is to go to your local post office, and fill out a Change of Address form. For your convenience, you can also fill out the form online at http://moversguide.usps.com. Don’t forget to contact your credit card companies, your bank, your employer, your stock investment companies, and your magazine/newspaper providers to make sure they send all paperwork to the new address.

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