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(NC)-Indoor air quality is a major factor in ensuring a comfortable and healthy living environment in your home. Certified R-2000* homes offer superior indoor air quality.
“In fact, the indoor air quality standards set by the R-2000 technical requirements have become the building blocks upon which the enhanced EnerHome and Healthy Homes programs are based,” says Ken McKinlay, executive director of the Saskatchewan Home Builders’ Association.
“As the R-2000 Program has evolved over the years, the range of materials that goes into building these superior-quality homes has become much more environmentally friendly,” says
Mr. McKinlay. R-2000 product choices ensure that the smallest possible amount of pollutants are released into the home’s indoor environment. Technical requirements of the R-2000 Standard recommend several options, such as EcoLogo-approved paints and finishes; water-based, low-toxicity finished flooring adhesives; and medium-efficiency air filtering.
While building is the start, the key to keeping the home healthy rests with its ventilation system. An R-2000 home has a balanced ventilation system, which gives it a continuous supply of fresh air and removes stale air and most pollutants.
If you tighten your home to reduce heat loss and don’t adjust your ventilation system accordingly, you can have problems with ventilation, moisture and/or mould. While every new home these days must have a way to exhaust stale air and pollutants, R-2000 homes simply do it better. Ventilation is an integral part of the R-2000 home’s total operating system.
R-2000 homes also help protect outdoor air quality. Greenhouse gases are produced every time we use fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil or coal. They are considered to be main contributors to climate change. By using energy efficiently, R-2000 homes help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into our environment.
Ensure that your new home provides the healthiest and most comfortable living environment for you and your family. R-2000 provincial and territorial offices are there to help. To get the phone number of your local R-2000 office, call Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency at 1 800 387-2000, or visit our Web site at http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/english/newhouses_r2000.cfm.
* R-2000 is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada

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