title:Consumer Revolution In The Home Warranty Industry

author:Aaron Hoos
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Imagine going to the grocery store? but when you get there, someone tells you what to buy. They load up your cart with goods ? regardless of whether you need them or not ? and expect you to pay full price for them.
When you get home, what do you do? You toss out the sardines and the artichoke hearts and wish that you could have bought more toothpaste. But it simply wasn?t allowed.
The problem with this scenario is that you have no choice and no control. Since someone else is making the decisions, you end up losing money. (Just what is an artichoke heart, anyway?)
While this idea may sound comical to some, that?s exactly what?s going on in the home warranty industry. Customers who are looking for home warranties are showing up at a home warranty provider?s website and being told what to buy? and how much they?ll get.
Do you need two air conditioners covered? Too bad. Don?t have any ceiling fans? Too bad. You only get one air conditioner covered on your policy and you?re paying for ceiling fan coverage anyway. Will the home warranty provider do anything about it? Probably not.
Well, most of them won?t.
One company, however, does offer something different. It?s an innovative customer-centered solution. It?s a consumer revolution because it takes the control out of the hands of the home warranty company and gives it to the consumer. With Met Home Warranty?s revolutionary Design-A-Plan, customers have the ability to completely control their home warranty policy.
Design-A-Plan will change the way home warranty customers will shop for their coverage. Policies will no longer be assigned to customers whether they need specific systems covered or not. Instead, customers can choose among base packages and adjust their plan according to their needs.
Do you need two air conditioners covered? No problem! Don?t have any ceiling fans? Don?t pay for them!
What?s great about this innovative system is how easy it is to use: Design-A-Plan will take the customer step-by-step through their policy creation in a hassle-free ?no-salesperson-will-call? atmosphere. Along the way they?ll learn about their home and they?ll do due diligence on the home warranty industry.
Design-A-Plan does two things: First, it takes other home warranty companies to task for robbing their customers of choice and control. Second, it returns that choice and control where it belongs? back in the hands of the consumer!
Homeowners deserve choice when buying a home warranty policy. It?s time they got that choice!

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