title:Dish Network Satellite Accessories: Universal Remote Control

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Are you an owner of satellite dish system? If yes, I am sure that you will be interested in getting some dish network accessories. Dish network satellite accessories are great to go along with your satellite TV system — satellite dish, television and satellite receivers.
For instance, a universal remote control might be something that you had looking for years. How many remotes you have currently at your living room? Let me guess, television, satellite receiver, DVD player, VCR, gaming consoles, surround sound system? Wow! Seems like you need a big hand on this unless you have a BIG hand to hold them up all together to operate your home entertainment system.
Well, in this case, a universal remote control is your savior. Instead of having six to seven separate remotes on your hands, you need only one. You can quickly and easily switch between units, giving you full control over your entire living room in the palm of your hand. Get tidy up, get easier, and also save up with fewer batteries to be consumed. Doesn?t it sounds nice?
Another benefit to a universal remote control is the range. Most remotes are IR, or infrared. This means that while the signal is invisible to the human eye, you still need to point it directly at the component that you want to use. Some universal remote and other dish network accessories use UHF signals to avoid this problem. These remotes can work up to a 100-foot radius from the component, with no restrictions from walls or objects. Now you can change channels from your neighbor?s backyard!
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