title:Embrace Your Soul With Flowers

author:Linda Gray
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Be nice to yourself and indulge in one of nature’s awesome
creations. It’s true we don’t actually NEED flowers in our
daily schedules BUT since when did humans stick to what they

Giving a gift of flowers is always a thoughtful, if not
provocative, experience and is a gift that is definitely not
about money. A large bouquet from the local florist will no
doubt be beautiful and well worth the cash it costs. And
equally, the small bouquet of wildflowers lovingly collected
by an adored one will bring joy into your life.

Sprays of dried flowers and grasses can make beautiful
displays in your home over holiday seasons, or why not

Flowers are pressed into scrapbooks and journals. They are
also pressed for their scent and many perfumes are
flower-based. Oils are extracted for natural remedies and
cosmetic applications.

Flower preparations can be time-consuming to produce and
therefore often expensive to the consumer. The absolute best
way round this is to go directly to the source and Grow your

It doesn’t matter what month it is or what the weather’s
playing at. You can still plan your flower garden. The choice
of flowers, plants and herbs available is so extraordinary,
you may as well start planning straight away!

Your flower garden can include all kinds of practical plants
as well as looking gorgeous…

Herbs attract the nice guys in the bug world which in
turn helps rid your flower bed of the pests! Thyme flowers are
so delicate and beautiful they really shouldn’t be allowed!

Edible flowers include marigolds, nasturtiums and even
some roses. NB: double check on edible -ility before you pop a
plant in your mouth!

Decide on themes, colours, scents and set about choosing your
favourite blooms.
A beautiful flower display takes a lot of careful planning –
or alternatively you could buy a wildflower mix and scatter
the seed randomly. Nature is often it’s own favourite artist!

If you’re still not convinced, browse through a few gardening
catalogues. Wake up and smell the flowers – you won’t remember
how you lived without them!

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