title:Find Cool Teen Furniture your Teen will use and Like

author:Michael Holland
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:13

You will find that when it comes to teen furniture there are a number of excellent items available that will not only adequately hold your teens stuff, but also can match the theme or d?cor of their room. There are many great teen furniture ideas waiting you online at great internet stores like www.yourkidsdirect.com and www.stacksandstacks.com.
There are some aspects you will need to keep in mind when selecting teen furniture and include:
* Budget: how much you want to spend
* Room size: measure your teen?s room before you purchase anything, as you will not want to cram the room too tightly with objects, making it difficult for your teen to move around.
* Room Theme: Are there any teen furniture items that you can find that go with the d?cor in your teens room. For instance, is their d?cor modern, trendy, futuristic or Victorian?
To give you an idea of how you can shop for teen furniture to keep with the theme of your kid?s room, as well as preserve space, the following is an example of the type of furniture you can use to go with a teen boy?s room that is based on space, or futuristic d?cor:
Beds – To create space and to go with a galaxy themed room, choosing a loft bed with a simple metal frame like the ?Monster Twin Study Loft Bunk Bed? at Your Kids Direct really provides the room with a spaceship feel. Best of all, the modern teen boys will love it as there are no extra frills. Loft beds are like a bunk bed in the sense that they have a similar structure but there is only one bed which is on the top, and an empty, open space is left on the bottom where a desk can be placed, freeing up plenty of space in the room.
Storage Furniture ? The best teen furniture used for storage is a bookcase. The reason is because bookcases take up little space and hold plenty of objects and books. However, another great storage idea is stackable bins on a moveable cart. In addition, if you visit Stacks and Stacks you?ll even find a steel storage locker which will go great with the futuristic theme.
Chest of Drawers and Nightstand ? You will likely be able to find matching teen furniture, or furniture that comes in a set. To keep with the futuristic theme, the best color for furniture would be black or metal.
Desk ? When choosing the ideal desk for your teen, the best choice is to always go with a computer desk. This will ensure that your child is provided with the right space and support they need to study comfortably. Try to keep the desk in the same theme and colors as the rest of the teen furniture.
Fun Furniture ? Great furniture you can add to your teen?s room include bean bag chairs, pillow chairs, entertainment center for holding a TV and/ or stereo as well as movies and CDs.
Remember, regardless of the teen furniture items you select for your teen?s room, you will want to find furniture that is comfortable, can be easily accessed, and is something that you know they?ll use. With that in mind, know how much space and the budget you have to work with, and make sure you share furniture decisions with your teen based on this knowledge. Lastly, don?t forget to explore your online options and have fun!

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