title:Garages…What Do You Use Yours For ?

author:Gene Hill
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Are you a serious DIY’er ? I know I am. I enjoy doing most improvement jobs around my House and Garages. As well as being a very enjoyable Hobby it also saves me time and money. I enjoy working on my Garages the most, that’s because I spend a lot of time there working on my Car’s.
But Garages are also used for everything from Workshops and Studios, Greenhouses and Boathouses, Offices and Play areas. Many great American and UK Companies and Bands have started in Garages.
If you have a Garage, you may want to tidy it up, extend it, improve it or convert it to whatever your needs are at this time. If you are planning to build a new Garage there are many thinks you need to consider. Good planning can save you time and money later on.
Did you know that only 15% of people who have Garages actually park their Cars in them? It doesn’t matter if you are one of these or the other 85%, you still need great information and advice before starting your Garage project.
Some things you need to consider are….
Size and Shape: Is it big enough for all your vehicles, do you have a Truck. Will the height and roof design match your house and neighbourhood. Can you include an Apartment in your Garage. Could you build a Prefab Garage.
Plans and Permits: Can you get off -the-shelf plans or will they need to be custom drawn, how many sets will you need. Do you know where to apply for a Permit, what are the local planning regulations.
Doors and Openers: How many doors will you have and what size will they be. Will you use an electric opener and what make and size should you choose.
Floors and Coverings: Will you have a concrete floor, what type of covering will you put on it, will you paint it.
Shelves and Storage: Some Garages are used only for storage, how are you going to plan for this. Proper shelving will ensure you Garage doesn’t become a disorganised mess full of junk.
Heat and Light: If you want to use your Garage as a work space you will need proper lighting and also suitable and affordable heating.
I hope this list has got you thinking about planning your Garage Project. Remember that with any Project, good planning is the most important thing you can do, this can save you time. money and a lot of grief in the future. For Information on all aspects of building and modifying garages, visit http://www.all-about-garages.co.uk

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