title:General Lawn Maintenance Tips

author:Adam Jackson
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:13

So you have owned your property for a number of years now and just realised you have a garden out there to attend to. It is never too late to start caring for you lawn, but special attention must be given if you want to be successful.
Lawn care is not just about feeding nutrients, watering and mowing on a regular basis. Without any control on these aspects, you may begin to see negative effects.
The following are general tips you should consider when maintaining your lawn:
To manage your mowing habits, you must consider the behaviour of your lawn. This will differ according to the temperature, season and location. But points to consider are frequency of mowing, length of grass and the lawn mower itself.
Grass will grow quicker or slower at different seasons of the year, so therefore frequency of mowing is affected, which in turn affects the length of grass. Most lawns are often mowed too short or not enough. Mowing with a blunt blade is also very bad for the lawn.
Like us humans and most other living species, grass needs air to breathe and water to absorb. This can be achieved by regularly driving a fork into the lawn, opening up the soil, thus giving the lawn more breathing space.
Thatch Control
Thatch is the layer of dead and decaying matter at the base of living roots. This problem can be alleviated by scarifying or raking the lawn.
The most obvious is sufficient watering. Watch out especially in the summer period for prolonged dry spells where growth can be affected.


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