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For over two decades, Hanna Instruments has led the world in water quality measurement and control technology. They provide easy to use but at the same time, technically advanced products for science, education, agriculture and industry.
www.77hydro.com brings to you a range of instruments from Hanna Instruments, which are easy to order and buy online. These instruments are manufactured after many years of research & development, manufacturing experience and customer service.
Hanna Instruments is rapidly growing to become a world-class, leading manufacturer of water quality instruments with research & development and production & sales offices in over 30 countries. Hanna Instruments has offices all over the world and has gained its reputation because of timely response to market as well customer requirements.
Founded in 1978, Hanna Instruments is well known as an innovator with very basic solutions to testing and analysis of water. The manufacturing facilities of Hanna Instruments have been ISO 9000 certified since 1996 and as such, they have a full range of products manufactured to the most stringent quality requirements. Every product at Hanna Instruments is carefully designed and manufactured with the individual user in mind.
At the moment, www.77hydro.com features 10 products produced by Hanna Instruments. The instruments are Handheld ph/ec/tds meter, HI991404 ph/ec/tds/temp continuous read meter, Phep 4 waterproof ph/temp tester, Dist 5 Waterproof ec/tds/temp tester, Combo waterproof ph/ec/tds/temp tester, Hanna ph 7 Calibration Solution 230ml, Hanna tds cal solution 1413ppm 230ml, Hanna Storage Solution 16oz., Hanna Electrode Cleaner 16oz. and Replacement ph electrode for Hanna Handheld meters. These instruments are engineered to meet specific user requirements. The price range of these instruments varies from 15$ to 280$. www.77hydro.com makes it very easy to choose any of these products, order and buy it online.
The charm of Hanna Instruments lies in the fact that though it is technically very advanced, it is very easy to operate. These products can be used by a technical person as well as a non technical person alike. These instruments have a wider user base because application of new technology has made them accessible to one and all. This is the tradition of Hanna Instruments and its commitment to the customers.
If it is state-of-the-art water quality test instruments you are looking for Hanna is your best choice wherever you are. So wait no more and no longer. Just log on to www.77hydro.com and order your desired Hanna instrument now.
Please call us on our toll free number at (1-877-774-9376)77HYDRO for availability and shipping quote.

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