title:History of the Chaise Lounge

author:Dawn Rowlett
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:13

A great way to dress up a patio and ensure your guests comfort is a chaise lounge. Chaise lounges are a classic piece of furniture. The have been a part of many cultures across the world for many eras. There is more to the history of the chaise lounge than simply architecture. Even the name chaise lounge is derived from another cultures name for the stylish chair.
The chaise lounge is actually a merger of the day bed and the chair. The day bed itself has a long history. Originally created in Egypt, it has provided a design for architects to use centuries later. Many ancient Grecian art works depict gods and elite persons reclined in chaise lounges. Early African chaise lounges were created out of carved wood and were very simplistic. The ancient Mexican culture called the Olmecs also had their own version of the day bed.
The name comes from the French Chaise longue which means long-chair. Art movements in France were reflected in the furnishings as well, and the chaise longue was a popular piece in the Rococo period. The rococo style loved asymmetry and contrast in elements that were unbalances. Because of the similarity of the French word longue and the English word lounge, the chaise is most commonly referred to in English as the chaise lounge, though French speakers tend to go with longue.
Architects of the early 20th century also adored the chaise style and used it in many settings to reflect the straight lines and long floor plans popular in the time. It was an extremely popular show case in many architectural displays. Originally, chaise lounges were not easy, nor economical to construct. The metal hand was actually bent by hand which made the chaise lounge unavailable to the general public. It also had to be shipped in full assembly which provided transportation problems.
Today, modern machinery and intuitive engineering have allowed the chaise lounge to be constructed and distributed much more economically. They provide superior comfort, especially when strategically placed on a patio. There are so many different options, whether it be cushion chaise lounge, aluminum strap chaise lounge, or plastic resin patio chaise lounge, they all offer distinct advantages and design that will add elegance to any patio.

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