title:HomeHammer Improve Your Business Lesson 6: Using Reciprocal Links To Increase Your Traffic

author:Kris Koonar
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:13

We appreciate your interest in Homehammer.com home improvement network. Staying with this course will help you build your home improvement business and watch your profits rise.
HomeHammer helps average people connect with home improvement professionals like realtors, general contractors, plumbers, framers, and electricians quickly and easily. This course helps us help you. We can help you find customers, create business, and improve yourself as a business person so our customers will have an excellent network of service providers to choose from.
Lesson 6: How To Create Reciprocal Links On Your Site
Reciprocal links are an essential part to the promotion of your website. You have a strong site that offers your quality product and you want people to know about your site. To make sure that you get the traffic you need, you must have other sites directed toward yours with links.
This process is fairly simply, but there are many ways to engage in reciprocal linking.
? First, research the sites you might want to link to. You might start this process by making two lists. First, list the sites you think your customers might be interested in. For now, just write, you can consider narrowing your list down at a later time. Nexte, create a list of sites that would benefit your site. You can then compare the two lists and see what they have in common. Compile a list of common subjects, and list out three key words to fit with each subject.
? After the research phase, it is time to go online. Find a meta search engine and input all three words for each subject. Any site that comes back with all three keywords should be high on your priority list.
? Once you’ve done that, it is time to start sifting through your results. Bookmark any sites that look promising.
? When you’ve made your final choices, it is time to draft a letter to the webmaster of each site you’re considering. Ge to the point quickly and sell your site to them. Do not follow up if your original letter was not responded to.
? The final step in this process is to negotiate the link and location in terms of both sites. As soon as possible, get their link on your site and send them a note letting them know you have a live link to their site. Check their site frequently to ensure they are upholding their promise to you as well.
The next lesson is a practice marketing exercise for you. This quick read could help you increase your revenue. Be sure to watch for it!
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