title:Patio Furniture – The One-Minute Makeover For Your Backyard!

author:Caroline Smith
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:13

Patio furniture can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your backyard, and well-chosen pieces can become attractive features of your garden design. There’s a massive range of outdoor patio furniture to choose from, depending on your lifestyle, your budget and the layout of your garden. For instance, if you like to entertain guests on your patio, then there are various types of dining sets available. Or for more casual relaxation, there’s a great selection of recliners and chaise lounges, just perfect for whiling away those long sunny days.
When choosing items of patio furniture, it’s worth knowing a bit about the different types of materials and their features. For example, some outdoor furniture is not built to withstand adverse weather conditions and is designed to be stored inside when not in use. Lightweight aluminum, plastic and wicker furniture falls into this category, and is generally cheaper to buy than the more solid items that can be left outside year round. These types of chairs and tables require little maintenance and are easily portable. They are often designed to be folded away or stacked, to save on storage space.
For long-lasting garden furniture that’s going to remain in a permanent position in your backyard, it’s best to look for heavy and durable materials, such as metal or wood. Wrought iron and cast aluminum patio furniture is very popular, as it can be crafted into all kinds of ornate designs, and comes in a choice of finishes. Aluminum is favored because it’s rust-proof, but wrought iron can be treated with a metal protector to prevent corrosion, and with regular attention can withstand many seasons of use. Alternatively, wooden items, including cedar, pine and teak outdoor furniture, can look stunning and with a bit of care can last for years.
There are also some accessories that you may want to consider for your outdoor furniture. To provide protection from the elements, weather-proof patio furniture covers are ideal. These are durable vinyl or PVC coverings that can be fitted over individual items or over whole sets. They are effective at preventing wear and tear from rain, wind, snow and sunlight. A cover is also useful for keeping your chairs free from dust and insects. Other accessories include specially made patio furniture cushions, which come in all shapes and sizes. These not only provide added comfort, but can add a splash of color to your patio area.
Patio furniture not only enhances the appeal of your backyard, it can provide loads of enjoyment for outdoor living for many seasons to come.

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