About Inviting Home

InvitingHome.com committed to providing exquisitely designed hand-crafted home furnishings, architectural products and unique decorative elements manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our extensive selection of architectural products and home furnishings allows interior designers, decorators and homeowners to create a home decor of their dreams!

InvitingHome’s collection of molding, corbels and other
architectural products inspired by popular historical and classical designs, well suited for traditional and contemporary homes. The addition of the architectural products will enhance any new construction, renovation, historical restoration or redecoration projects, add value to your home, and ensure a distinctive and lasting impression. If you are interested in improving your home, or you are a design professional or contractor in the midst of a commercial project, you are probably thrilled to have found our website. At InvitingHome.com our goal is to serve you by offering hard to find, beautiful products at a great value; and to provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to make an informed decision before your purchase.

At InvitingHome.com, we are proud to provide the designers, contractors, craftsman and artisans, and homeowners who have come to rely on our superior products and unsurpassed service. Our commercial account holders receive a special discount on products based on volume, and in combination with expedited shipping options, as well as on site delivery to every corner of the United States, it is truly worthwhile to make InvitingHome.com your first online shopping destination.

InvitingHome.com is different because it fills a niche in the home improvement market, but also because the design professionals employed there value unparalleled customer service. There is always an architectural specialist and interior designer on call and available for over the phone consultations. With a little pre-planning and a photo sent by email, clients can receive a customized consultation that will bring them closer to their dream decor. Our architectural specialists and design professionals are more than happy to assist clients in the processes of providing calculations, and customizing orders. We support our clients in their commercial endeavors by offering discounts based on volume, inventory management, and will even reserve stock for frequently purchased products. Whether you require overnight shipping, or a custom designed wood carving, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of all our clients.

The website was created to satisfy a dual purpose. First, we aim to make accessible exceptional products to the public, and secondly, we strive to educate the client about the products by providing information regarding such issues as the materials they are constructed from, installation tips, how to finish the product, and even educational articles meant to enlighten the client about certain products. You can literally glide through the website, receiving as much product information as possible and empowering the homeowner; allowing the client to make an informed decision before purchasing the product.

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