Granite tile basics

If you want to know all about granite including the basics, key characteristics and the processing manner, this article will prove to be quite informative for you.

Granite is a natural stone that looks extremely beautiful and provides ultimate alternative for interior and exterior decoration. The stone is beautiful to look at and practical to use. People love to install it due to its durability and classy look.

When it comes to the origins of this stone, you would be surprised to know that granite is formed deep inside the earth due to the extreme heat and pressure applied by the atmosphere over thousands of years. The stone can be defined as an igneous rock formed due to the pressure applied to liquid magma between other layers of rock. Thereafter it cools and forms a layer of its? own.

The rock is amalgamated with different elements such as feldspar, mica and quartz. The process of cooling process is very slow. The suspended mineral elements inside the magma result into the crystalline look of granite. Granite is hard in nature due to the harsh origins and lengthy process that suspends several stabilizing elements within it. You can vouch for the durability of this stone.

As soon as the raw granite is removed from its bed, the first stage of granite processing starts and the stage is known as cutting. Here, the large portions of granite into manageable blocks. Thereafter, these blocks of granite are cut to size so as to utilize them as slabs and tiles with the help of wire saws treated with different types of durable abrasives such as sand, diamond and aluminum oxide.

High pressure water jets are also used to cut the granite in tandem with traditional wire saws. As soon as the process of cutting is accomplished, the stone undergoes three more processes that make them look like tile flooring or countertop slabs. The stone is polished on one side, calibrated and gauged.

Once the processes are over, the stones are ready to be used as tiles and slabs. Most commonly these tiles are used as kitchen installation and outdoor installation. The leftover granite tiles are used as cutting boards, coasters and fireplace surrounds.

If you want to care the granite tile flooring and countertops, the process is very simple. The stone is heat-resistant and works as worry-free countertop solution. You can use hot pots and plates on the surface of this stone directly. The granite tile is durable. However, it still requires your attention. You should consider the application of an appropriate sealant seriously. Consult a specialist to determine the variety of granite tile you want to install. The sealant acts as a protective coat for your granite tile. It protects the tile from moisture. You can purchase different types of cleaners and polishes to keep your granite tile free of dirt and scratch.

Laminate Flooring Colors to Match Your D?cor

The wood used in your home, on the doors, on the trim, the cabinets, even the beds or vanities in your home, can be a basis for the colors of laminate flooring you are considering using in the home. If you want to use laminate flooring in your home, consider matching the flooring of your home to the items that are in your home for a great complete d?cor that you will just love.

Laminate flooring is very similar to real wood flooring you have seen in so many older types of homes. Once installed, laminate flooring is going to look just like the wood flooring that is real. Laminate flooring is going to take the movement of the children, the playing on the floor, and the parties that you love to throw without a problem. With the versatility of laminate flooring, you will just love your new floor.

Laminate flooring can be matched to the cabinets in your kitchen or the trim on the walls. You will find that your home d?cor is beautiful as you match the colors, and similar types of wood in the home, so your overall look is complete. Once you match the cherry, the pine or the color of your home to the laminate flooring of your choice during remodel, you will be happy with the overall look and appeal of your home. Your home will feel and look more welcoming to all that come into your home. You never have to worry about stains, like you do with carpeting because the laminate flooring has a tough coating that is going to prevent any problems such as those.

The laminate flooring you install in your home, is going to make your rooms seem much bigger. There is something about carpeting that can make a room seem smaller if you have been living in the home for sometime. The use of the lines, and the grains in the laminate flooring gives your rooms an overall bigger feeling. You can include the use of tables in corners, that are a shade different or a dramatic shade in color different from the laminate flooring to complete the overall larger look and feel you may be searching for. A laminate floor is one that you can easily clean, even if you have pets and children. The cost of cleaning the floor is very minimal because there are no special things needed or required to clean the flooring. Find the color of your choice, make your rooms appear bigger, and complete the home d?cor changes you desire without much added price.

title:Architect Spa Design Floor Plan – Relax and Chill out

author:Martin Smith
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

An architect design floor plan can be found on the internet and in architectural magazines. One set of plans located on the web, Sage Springs Club and Spa, show a luxuriously appointed club and spa. The first floor of this spa/gym has a large luxurious lobby and reception area., a spa and fitness store that sells exercise clothing and various other spa products. Also on level one of this spa are a relaxation lounge, massage therapy rooms, wet room with vicy shower and a pedicure/manicure room.
The second floor of this architectural design spa floor plan has a conditioning room with a glass wall overlooking the tennis court below. This room also has Precor cardio equipment, cybex strength circuit, four screen television theater music channels with wireless headphones. There is also a movement studio for aerobics, yoga and stretch and toning exercises. At every station in this spa, you are treated like royalty. Membership in spas like this are costly, but well wroth the expense.
On the ground level the floor plans show five full size regulation Tennis courts and 3 lane indoor lap pools and spa.
There are lots of floor plans for different spas and gyms available on the internet. Almost all have some of the amenities of Sage Spring Spa and Club but this one had the most interesting floor plan of them all. Before joining an expensive spa or gym, check the ones you are interested in. Compare services, amenities, and prices before you sign anything.
Floor plans for detached condos are laid out similar to a ?home? not part of a condo complex. One floor plan for a detached condo in Michigan has a large family room,/dining room area, master bedroom with private bath, small kitchen area with an island, a powder room, and second-floor bedroom. There is also a garage on the first floor. A basement which can be finished has the potential for at least two more bedrooms. Detached condos are ideal for people who don?t have the time or inclination for yard work. It would also be good for elderly people no longer capable of cutting grass or shoveling snow.


title:The Hazards of Water Damage

author:Leo Nov
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Once a building has been exposed to a large volume of water, it becomes extremely hazardous as water causes both health and structural risks.
Water Damage Related Health Hazards and Risks
Dampness and humidity promote the growth of moisture-related mold and mildew that can lead to toxic, mold-related reactions such as immune disorders, pathogenic disease and cancer. Allergic reactions consist of painful headaches, disorientation and dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, chronic asthma, rashes and open sores, and chronic fatigue.
Be aware that floodwaters may also be contaminated with sewage and waste. These are fertile breeding ground for disease carrying termites and insect infestation.
Water Related Structural Hazards and Risks
Water saturation affects and damages structures in a few ways.
Direct damage to materials leading to structural instability:
Wallboard disintegrates
Structural integrity of concrete is undermined
Support columns resting in waterlogged soil slowly twist and tilt
Wood swells, warps, and rots
Stairs, floors, and roofs may collapse bulging ceilings, indicating trapped water
Electrical systems can short out, malfunction, and cause fires or shock.
Leaking LP gas (also known as natural gas) can cause fire or gas poisoning.
Household possessions and interior design can be damaged as follows:
Mud and silt get possessions and valuables dirty
Paint and wall coverings peel off
Floor tiles are lifted
Panels wrap
Carpets stain and rot
Furnishings such as textiles and furniture stain
Books, photographs, paintings become extremely fragile
Property value decreases after being wet. Most insulation is ineffective, but it will continue to hold and create high moisture conditions which will damage metal, masonry, and wood.