Green Furniture ? Fad or Fabulous?

Enter almost any home today and you are immediately hit with a number of air-borne pollutants that you cannot even see. This occurs in any home, office or other space where furniture and fabrics are used. Over the last few years, a new method of furniture making has been occurring.

Green furniture or eco-friendly furniture is a new buzzword for a new type of furnishing product. Those who make and manufacture green are committed to producing products that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe enough to eat off of without contamination.

One of the first steps to green furniture is to use wood in the construction that comes from a sustainable forest. Gone are the exotic woods found only in the few remaining rainforests, instead these woods are found in areas managed by silviculture techniques. For every tree taken, another is either planted or left to grow to full maturity.

Second, is the use of non-toxic bonding agents. Many types of glue, especially used in imported furniture, off gas formaldehydes and other air-borne chemicals into the home or surrounding area. By using non-toxic glues, green manufactures give their customers a product that can be eaten off of safely and produce no off-gasses in their homes.

The third step to green furniture is the finish. Many chemicals are used in lacquers, varnishes and other methods of finishing a furniture piece. By using FDA approved oil and water based finishes, green builders guarantee non-toxicity of the woods surfaces.

For those concerned about any of the above problems, going green in your home is the perfect solution. Green furniture may cost a bit more, but the piece of mind you receive is priceless.

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