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NASCAR Furniture

I think NASCAR race drivers acquired over time rear bottoms that have begun to take the shape of a corvette seating. If I am right, then the C-1 Leather Corvette Recliner that looks so awesome justifies my suspicion that it is actually rip off from the actual thing.

Sounds cool, right? But anyway, the said seat is still an epitome of comfort, despite its NASCAR roots. Dubbed the C-1 Leather Corvette Sofa Chair, it has the original sleek red design (though there are black and gray models) that should be familiar to owners of the 1953 corvette. A finely embroidered C1 flag logo completes the headrest and a Corvette script completes the leg face. Those that have difficulty in spelling Corvette would still find the recliner elegantly comfortable since its soft and supple leather oozes comfort in every way. Interested? It costs $1,099.99 at:

There are other designs for NASCAR furniture too. Sofas, chair and recliners, most of them are on supple leather or in durable polyester micro fiber that with most designs supporting a NASCAR personality. I?ve seen Dale Earnhardt?s immortal #3, everyone?s favorite Jeff Gordon?s #24, and the cool classic colors of Tony Stewart?s #20. There are also general NASCAR designs that only carry the NASCAR print. All these are available still at

One example of universal NASCAR furniture is the NASCAR Racing Sofa. Jet black with red arm trimmings makes it immaculately elegant to place along with any furniture, any setting. It is made of durable micro fiber suede fabric and plush poly cushions with a Dacron fiber wrap attached to the seat. All in all, it provides lush comfort yet durable than leather. The suede material resists soiling and staining. Most of all, it cost lesser than the leather chair with only $650. Check this NASCAR furniture here:

NASCAR furniture isn?t limited, however, to seats and recliners. Available at Direct Furniture Market ( are NASCAR Team Tailgate Tables priced at $39.99. Most designs, though are overwhelmed with the sponsor, only at most only the race driver?s number would inform the snack table?s design.

We have an expansive NASCAR sofa. There?s a leather Corvette chair, several bar stools carrying the NASCAR logo, a snack table with Jeff Gordon?s #24, a Bergamot NASCAR 18 ounce mug, not to mention a NASCAR hard hat and several lines of NASCAR apparel. For the truly immersive enthusiast, the wealth of NASCAR valuables should be enough to get any fanatic well provided.

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