The Secret Of Ladies. The Invention Of Gentlemen.

It is a well known fact, that France has always been the home of elegant and sophisticated things. The modern word “bidet” originated from the French – “Bidet”. The modern French dictionary has two meanings of this word: the first one refers to a child toy-horse, the second one means device for intimate washing. Well, initially it had only one meaning.
In the fifteenth century the Italian Renaissance changed the period of Middle Ages in France. It brought the long-forgotten antique hygienic rules. Washing was considered a sin for a long time and it’s hard to believe, but people took bath not more than once in three months and with their underwear on. And only after a while the grand ladies and women from cities started to take care not only about the purity of their soul before God but also about the cleanness of their bodies.

It was the time when the accessories of the modern toilets appeared in their rooms. A small bath narrow in the middle, so that you can sit more conveniently, was set up on the four-legged wooden base… The water was poured out of the jug.

A long time passed. The construction had not changed till the invention of the water supply and sewage system.
The main features, that bidet preserved up to this day, were formed in the end of the XIXth century. The direct discharge into the sewage, hot and cold water supply, the classic form of the bath on the base of the same height as the toilet bowl, which in fact remained absolutely the same. The absence of the mixer surely caused certain problems: mixing of the water of the required temperature occurred right in the bowl of the bidet, and it was taken from there for washing. It was quite inconvenient, but will you agree, that it was a great progress compared to the jug.

When the first special bidet mixer was produced, the taps were placed properly, and the water came from the sprayer on the bottom in the form of an original fountain. From the modern point of view, it is not very convenient. Nevertheless, the construction was very popular for decades. And moreover, some producers still provide this type of the bidet. Though such type of mixer is considered to be obsolete and not meeting the high living standards and even dangerous. This is the case, when the water of wrong temperature is suddenly turned on. The result can be not only discomfort, but also a burn.

A modern mixer for the bidet is placed on the edge of the bowl. It allows precisely regulate the tempo of water supply and what is more important – the direction of the spray. It is done with the help of floating head which revolves around its axis at 360?. Some models have heads that can be prolonged with the help of the sliding hose like in mixers for kitchen and bathroom of the latest generation.

Arguments against bidet.
Finally you can use a shower. But there is one significant advantage of the bidet. As one commercial of the ice cream says, you just cannot resist this pleasure. And it is also about comfort and cleanness. These two words are the main argument for using the bidet.

In the beginning of this article we called the bidet a delicate invention for ladies. But please believe us, it’s a poor gentleman who does not use bidet. He is in the risk of being despised by ladies.

Around the bidet …
Every unit in the bathroom has its own set of accessories. So, what comes with the delicate invention for ladies?
First it is a special towel holder. As a rule, it has the form of the ring or bar. They are placed on the right of the bidet on the same level as the toilet paper holder (if the bidet is near the toilet bowl as required by modern standards). The towel for bidet is the smallest in the set, preferably it should be a terry towel. Besides, it must be changed more often than the face and hand towels.

Regarding the soap, the usual soap does not correspond to natural pH level, which equals to 5.5. Neither it possesses disinfectant properties. The specialists recommend to use the special liquid shampoos for intimate care, but if you still prefer soap, it is better to use antibacterial soap with a moisturising formula. Special shampoos or liquid soaps are developed for the intimate hygiene. Their pH level correspond to the natural one. They also contain antibacterial elements, softening and moisturizing components. Intimate care shampoos are used not only for the hygiene but also for preventive purposes.

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