Tips In Choosing Area Rugs

A house or office may be very minimalist but what can make it an eye pleaser are the accessories and furnishings, properly used and coordinated with the other furniture in the room. One such furnishing that can be used to achieve an over-all effect is the use of area rugs.

Area rugs are available in all shapes and sizes and definitely in all colors. Area rugs need not be expensive to serve their purpose. It all depends on the creativity of the decorator.

The art of using rugs has been in existence thousands of years ago when the weavers incorporate religious or tribal symbolisms in the rug designs. In fact, rug styles and designs have been named after cities like Kashan and tribes like Bakhtiari due to the strong influence of these tribes and places to the rug designers.

The Persian rugs became famous among royal courts, thanks to the European traders who bartered the rugs to Europe?s rich and powerful families. From then on, the Europeans learned from the Persian rug techniques and later on created their own designs and rug motifs. The evolution of rigs is really a good example of cross cultural influences.

Modern day rug makers may have all the high technology equipment but ancient rug makers had to contend with their creative hands to create hand-woven rugs that characterized great artistry. The invention of chemical and commercial dyes made the rug making industry better and more colorful since rig makers can now experiment on a variety of colors.

When buying rugs, always consider its purpose and where it will be placed. One can opt for antique rugs which comes in traditional designs and styles or modern rugs which are available in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Aside from the design consideration, your choice of rug should also be based on where the rug is to be placed. If you need a rug for your private rooms then an antique rug would be fine. However, an antique rug may be frail and easily damaged so it should not be placed in areas with maximum exposure. Antique rugs will definitely cost more than modern rugs so you must also make sure that you have researched on the authenticity as well as the proper price of antique rugs.

Rugs that are to be placed in areas with high people traffic should be in colors that are more dirt resistant. The material should also be taken into consideration since a soft and fragile rug may be out of place in a room often visited by people. Unless of course, you want to gamble on the rug?s toughness.

Modern day rugs are not only machine-made but they can also be hand-knotted or hooked, or the rugs can be a product of needlepoint. Rugs made of machines are available in all designs and quality.

While the type, design and color of the rug is of paramount consideration when buying rugs, the price of the rug should also be a primary concern. A more expensive rug made of sturdier and quality materials would be more cost effective than a cheap rug that can easily be damaged.

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