title:8 Tips On How To Collect Antique Oriental Rugs

author:John Murray
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Antique Oriental rugs have become highly sought after and highly collectable. In fact it is said the antique Oriental rugs are a better investment than investing in the stock market. These 8 tips on how to collect antique oriental rugs will keep you buying smart.
1. In the Beginning Don’t buy
Now I bet your thinking that’s a dumb tip if I’m in the market for collecting antique Oriental rugs. That’s because in the beginning you have no idea what you are looking for. Take time to learn before you buy.
2. Buy Books
Begin by purchasing one or more of the collecting books available. Buy as many as you can afford to buy. They are an invaluable resource when identifying antique oriental rugs and they provide a host of other information on Oriental rugs.
3. Use Online Resources
Supplement those books with online resources. There are many sites offering information on antique Oriental rugs. Do a quick search and you’ll have enough sites to keep you busy for quite some time.
4. Look at Rugs
Now that you’ve gained some general knowledge it’s time to start having a look at a variety of antique Oriental rugs. Visit shops that sell them and begin by trying to identify where they’re from, their age, and their material type. This process will better prepare you for having the ability to recognize an antique oriental rug that has value.
5. Specialize
There are so many types of antique Oriental rugs that you’ll want to specialize in a type that interests you. Which styles of rug do you like the most? Once you’ve found your favorite begin to collect all the information you can find on that style. You’ll very quickly gain skills that will make you a superior buyer. Over time you’ll build an amazing collection of antique Oriental rugs.
6. Buy An Old Rug
Start by buying a cheap old worn rug. You can take this rug home and put it through the test. Find out about the textures, weaving process, and everything else you can. Don’t spend much on it because you are going to dissect it.
7. Start Shopping
Now that you’ve done some reading, found a style to specialize in and your feeling a little more confident, you can start looking for your first real purchase. Many antique stores, carpet dealer, and auction houses will have antique oriental rugs. Don’t forget about what’s available online. Have a look around. If you find something that interests you drop the site an email or phone them.
8. Check Auction Houses
Once you get a little experience you’ll want to check out some of the well known auction houses like Sotheby’s or Christies. Once you know what you are looking for there are some great buys to be had purchasing this way.
Antique oriental rugs will only go up in value over time. Think of them as an investment into your retirement fund. Following these 8 tips to buying antique Oriental rugs will ensure you make sound investments.

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