title:A Study of Furniture Elements For Smaller Bedrooms

author:Shrinivas Vaidya
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

When we enter any bedroom the first thing we notice is the
furniture. All humans always see interiors and all decorating
ideas that are executed in “elevation”. This means we always
see the face of the furniture.

Every object in the bedroom large or small has a direct relation
to dimensions of the human body. This relation with our body decides
the comfort level in a bedroom. If a double bed is oversized, it
will naturally occupy more floor space by reducing the volume
of empty space. That’s why proportions of every furniture piece are
vital to maintain comfort levels.

Let’s examine some important factors about bedroom furniture units.

1) Double Bed….

This piece of furniture occupies the maximum amount of floor
space. A typical double bed measures about 1800mmX1800mmX450mm height.
Of course this is a comfortable sized bed but can vary depending upon
the requirements at the interior site.

Double beds come in steel/wrought iron/wooden frames. The most
important point to note here is that 80% of the structural
framework gets covered by linen. The mattress, bed sheets, pillows
cover most of the part that supports the load of the users.
That’s why the real beauty of a double bed lies in the linen used.
Linen defines the shape of a double bed to some extent.

The patterns and decorations used on the linen also ads to the
overall design theme of the bedroom. The headboard of the double
bed (the part of the double bed which stands behind the head when
we lie down on the bed) is a prominent feature and can be
used effectively by using semi-circular shapes.

One creative use of the headboard is that we can add artificial
lighting in it by providing blur glass and the effect of
indirect lighting can be created. This is helpful if the master
wants to read a book or magazine by relaxing in the bed itself.

Most of the time we see that the space below the mattress is used
for storing linen. This is done in the form of sliding drawers
which slide out from sides.

I have seen one more creative way of supporting the platform
where the master lies down. By giving an angular slant to the
supporting structure of the bed we can save valuable circulation
space in a small bedroom. To understand what exactly I am talking
about, just visit the webpage below. (Scroll down to the bottom
to see a pictorial presentation of this method.)

2) Wardrobe….

A wardrobe is another element in a bedroom that creates a
significant impact on the entire interior design theme. We
always see a wardrobe in elevation. A typical wardrobe is
most of the times measures 2100mm in height. The length and
depth of the wardrobe differs from location to location but
is typically around 1200mm in length and 600mm in depth for
a single person’s wardrobe.

The internal compartments of a wardrobe are divided keeping in
mind the various styles and sizes of clothes we wear. The
internal design of a wardrobe also depends upon regional influences.
For example in Japan, women wear a typical kind of dress or
in Indian, most women wear a dress code called as “Saree” which
needs much more space similar to trousers.

Depending upon the requirements a wardrobe might also include
a small “money safe” with locking arrangements, drawers for keeping
smaller sized clothes such as under-garments.

3) Dressing Table….

A dressing table is a place to be happy about. This is the
place where we spend a lot of time shaping our faces. A small
bedroom may not have enough space for a dressing table. At such
times the outer faces of the wardrobe can be used to fix a full height
mirror. This also creates a reflection of the rest of the room it
and thus creates an illusion of more space.

A wardrobe needs special spotlight arrangements to throw light
spot on the person in front of the mirror. This will include
a flat mirror and small storage spaces for the makeup-kits,
perfumes, etc…

In a case where the mirror is fixed on the outer surface of the
wardrobe shutter,(as mentioned above) the storage space for
make-up kit can be arranged inside the wardrobe.

4) Study Table with extra storage desk….

A study table is just a place to do some important daily tasks
Sometimes it is useful to keep a computer on it. This study table can be
designed to include an elevated storage space for books/files.

This combination of a study table and a book shelf is a great
way to save space in small bedrooms. If the table top in not
occupied by a computer or other objects, it can be made to fold
and thus increasing more floor area.

This was a very basic study of the most commonly used furniture
items in a bedroom. There are hundreds of creative ways to
improve the performance and efficiency of furniture items in
interior design. This article was just a starting point to
trigger the creative genius in you.

I hope you have benefited from these words.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

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