title:Wallpaper Doesn’t Just Cover…It Defines The Room

author:Mike Yeager
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Wallpaper is often overlooked as a key part of an attractive home. The right wallpaper will add character to any room in the house, and will also allow a homeowner to cheaply and quickly change the look of their house. From a brightly decorated nursery to a soft bedroom background, wallpaper will create the right tone for any room in your house. It also gives a homeowner a great chance to express their home decorating talents. Unlike paint, so many different patterns and colors are available a homeowner is able to choose exactly the right one. There are so many wallpapers available, you are almost sure to find the one that is just right.
Some tips on maintaining your wallpaper.
If you have old wallpaper that is dirty, be sure to never wash it with water. Instead, try gently rubbing it with a steel wool pad, and afterwards be sure to apply a dry cleaning solvent. If you want to remove wallpaper, try making a mix of hot water and white vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with one half hot water and one half white vinegar and spray it on the wallpaper. Wait about five minutes, and then the wallpaper should be ready to be removed.
No matter which room in your home you?re planning to decorate, you can?t go wrong with colorful, decorative, wallpaper.

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