title:What Can Carpet Tiles Do For You?

author:John Murray
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Carpet tiles are a an alternative choice to traditional carpeting, and leave some room for your creative juices to flow. Carpet tiles offer many pros over traditional broadloom carpeting are certainly worth a look at. So what can carpet tiles do for you? Read on!
Tiles are…
– Perfect for children’s rooms, play areas, rec rooms, and family rooms
– Extremely durable and long lasting
– Easy to replace a worn or stained tile with a new tile
– East to install. Peel the backing and stick down just as you wood floor tile
– Easy to clean
– Easy to fit. They are 50 cm square and fit together nicely
– Creativity and flexibility. Let your ideas flow. Mix a multitude of colors, create a border, design a pattern, or do a solid color. Your choices are endless
– Easy to transport. They come in a box of 12 that’s easy to transport right in your car. No more waiting for the delivery truck to deliver a huge role of carpet and then fighting to get it in your house. Bring it in box by box with little or no effort.
8 Most Common Carpet Tile Questions and Answers
1. Can I use carpet tiles in my kid’s room?
Absolutely. They are an ideal choice for kid’s rooms and the bright colors that are available are very appealing to children plus they add a cheeriness to the room. They are also easy to clean up and should one become stained or damaged just lift it up and replace.
2. Can I lay them by myself or will I need help
You can lay these all by yourself with out bothering anyone for help. In fact why not surprise your husband and wife with new carpet when they arrive home.
3. What kind of maintenance do they need
Nothing different from regular carpet. A regular vacuuming and a carpet cleaning when you do the rest of your home. They won’t shrink and they won’t lose their color.
4. Will I need underlay?
No. Carpet tiles have a special backing so you don’t need underlay. You’ll also need to lift any old underlay, then clean and dry the surface to ensure the carpet tiles stick properly.
5. What tools will I need to install the carpet tiles?
You will need a sharp utility knife with a nice heavy duty blade, double sided carpet, a ruler or straight edge, a tape measure, and a marker.
6. How will I know the quality of the carpet tiles
Just like with regular carpet you’ll need to find out the manufacturer and what their warranty is. Just like cheaper carpet you can get cheaper carpet tiles that may not have a warrantee and may not be made to last for years.
7. How do I choose the best carpet tiles for my home
The best carpet tiles are the ones that work for you, and the ones that give you the style and statement you are looking for. You’ll also want to consider the quality and how much traffic they will endure then buy carpet tiles that can withstand the punishment.
8. How do I remove hard stains like wine or ketchup from my carpet tiles
You will at some point find that an accident has occurred and resulted in a stain. Scoop up any excess solid, then soak the liquid up by dabbing firmly. Use a mild spot remover to lift any remaining marks. Many of the new carpet tiles are scotchgarded for easy removal of stains.
So with all this information do you now know what carpet tiles can do for you? Plenty!! And they are as easy to maintain as any carpet, while at the same time offering some creativity and affordability. So why not give them a try?

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