Types Of Heater

Conventional heaters broadly fall into three categories, which are radiant heaters, convective heaters and conductive heaters. Technically speaking these are the only three ways for heat to transfer of move from heat generator to their target area. Most of the household heaters are the third type, that is, convective type of heaters.

A Little More Technical Information
To make things simple, Radiant heaters transfer heat even without a medium, that is, through vacuum or air. This is called heat transfer by radiation. The other two types require some form of media like a liquid medium for convective transfer and a solid conductor for heat transfer through conductance. There is nothing much technical about these hard nut terminologies except for their varying efficiencies. Now we know what type of heaters we use in our homes regardless of their make or construction.

What Type of Heater Suits Your Living Room
The earliest masonry heater can take care of your room heating efficiently. Then there are other things to consider like the space and firewood availability, cost of construction, although a one-time expense, and then the maintenance which needs a mason etc.

On the other hand, condos and studio apartments can suffice with electric heaters of around 2KW power placed in rooms you need them. If cleaning of masonry heaters are not for you, this is the better option. These are very friendly to use, silent in working and heat control is through a simple knob.

Portable gas heaters are approved for indoor usages in USA (Canadians may have to wait as this is approved only for outdoor use). There are various safety features like low-oxygen cutoff, safety grill and ?porcelainized? reflectors for long life etc. One clear advantage that gas heaters have over electric cousins is their outdoor utility. You don?t need to worry about sound as the burner is housed in a silenced compartment, sufficient for heating 200sft.

You can?t forget the cost factor too. Cost of purchase and running are the main costs if you forgot the maintenance. Electric resistance heaters and halogen heaters are quite affordable and are also durable for home uses.

Heaters for Commercial Uses
Kerosene and diesel heaters are generally designed with commercial uses in mind. Construction sites, workshops and farm houses where huge areas need to be heated. They are made for heavy duty and rugged in construction.

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